A Dental Bonding Restoration Can Strengthen Your Smile

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At Rivereast Dental Group in Marlborough, Connecticut, we offer dental bonding restoration for our patients who have minor tooth issues and are looking to restore their natural teeth. Do you have cracked or chipped teeth in your smile? Are you experiencing tooth sensitivity? Do you have irregularly shaped teeth? If so, dental bonding may be ideal for your smile.

Not only can dental bonding fix the aforementioned issues, but it can also treat tooth decay and closes minor gaps between your pearly whites. Indeed, this versatile restoration process can give your smile the boost it needs and often within one single visit to our dental office. Let’s take a look!

During your procedure, our dentist, Dr. Douglas Doran, will apply a tooth-colored composite material to the damaged tooth. Next, he will shape and sculpt the resin material to give your tooth an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Then, the resin material will be hardened with the help of a special curing light to give you the long-lasting smile restoration you deserve.

Another feature of dental bonding is that, in addition to restoring your tooth’s appearance and function, it will actually strengthen the tooth while blending in with your natural teeth. The resin material is normally matched to your tooth’s color and shading, but if needed, it can be shaded lighter.

So if you would like to find out if dental bonding is right for your smile, please don’t hesitate to give our team a call at 860.295.9536 to schedule your consultation with Douglas Doran. We look forward to helping you strengthen your smile in Marlborough, Connecticut!