What is a root canal?

Root canal treatment is a restorative dental procedure often used when the inner portion of the tooth, which includes the tooth nerves, dental pulp, blood vessels, and other tissues, become damaged or infected. Infection and decay in the inner tooth can cause severe tooth pain and tooth sensitivity. To restore the health of the tooth and relieve the painful symptoms of tooth infection, our dentist may recommend root canal treatment. During your root canal in Marlborough, Connecticut, our dentist removes the infected and damaged tissues, sanitizes the tooth, and fills the tooth with a special medicated material. We then cap the tooth with a restoration, often a dental crown, to restore the tooth’s structure and function. This process is often split between two visits to our office.

Does a root canal hurt?

We understand that root canal treatment is regarded as a painful procedure, but that is typically not the case. Dr. Douglas Doran is very skilled and gentle, and we do all we can to ensure your treatment is as painless and comfortable as possible. With modern anesthetics and techniques, a root canal often causes no more discomfort than a regular filling. We welcome you to contact us today at Rivereast Dental Group to learn more about root canal treatment and to discover whether it is the right choice for restoring your oral health.

-from the American Association of Endodontists