What is general and family dentistry?

General and family dentistry is one of the broadest categories within dentistry. The main aim of general and family dentistry is to help you achieve and maintain optimal oral health. Thus general and family dentistry in Marlborough, Connecticut, includes both preventive and restorative dental treatments. We strive to help you prevent dental problems, but when they occur, we are here to restore your smile to good health.

What is restorative dentistry?

When teeth have simply decayed or broken, often “just a filling” will fix the problem. Modern shade-matched adhesive composite resin (“bonding”) restorations are the most conservative of remaining natural tooth structure and are highly aesthetic – blending naturally with your other teeth. Crowns, bridges, and sometimes also root canal therapy may be necessary for more advanced decay and/or fractured teeth.

Veneers are a beautiful and durable long-term solution to many types of defects of the front teeth – from traumatic chips and fractures, to developmental defects and discolorations, to excessively stained and broken old fillings.

Recent advances in ceramic technologies have made the restorative treatment options (whether veneers, crowns, or bridges) available to us today much stronger, more durable, and more natural in appearance than ever before; your restored teeth will look absolutely natural and beautiful (even if the originals were not).

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