What is a filling?

A dental filling is one of the most basic restorations we offer at Rivereast Dental Group. When a tooth suffers from minor or moderate decay or another type of damage, such as chipping, our dentist may recommend a filling. The filling is used to restore the structure of the tooth once all decay has been removed. Fillings are shaped directly on the surface of the tooth to match the shape and contours of the tooth and to fit your bite.

What are amalgam-free fillings?

Dr. Douglas Doran is committed to providing dental restorations that are safe for your health, as well as durable and aesthetic. As part of this effort, we provide amalgam-free dental fillings in Marlborough, Connecticut. Older dental fillings were created from amalgam, which is a mixture of metals including mercury, tin, silver, and more. Amalgam fillings are silver in color, and they do contain mercury. Dark staining pigments and oxidation from silver fillings also leach permanently into the supporting tooth structure. Composite resin fillings typically require much less removal of tooth structure than amalgam fillings. To provide a more natural-looking restoration, conserve more healthy tooth structure, and avoid any potential mercury-related health concerns, we provide amalgam-free fillings made of composite resin. Our dentist can match the shade of the resin to your original tooth color for natural-looking results. The composite resin also forms a strong, lasting bond with your natural tooth structure for a durable restoration.

For more information about the benefits of amalgam-free fillings, we welcome you to contact us today.