In addition to our already comprehensive pre-existing standard-of-care clinical disinfection and sterilization systems and protocols, here are some newly added items to specifically address patient and staff safety during the ongoing virus pandemic. You may notice some of them during your visit, but many others may be less apparent behind the scenes (and all of these things will further benefit patient and staff well-being even after the pandemic has passed):

  • All three treatment rooms are now closed, negative-pressure isolation rooms in use (we have installed doors with large fixed windows in each room as well), utilizing powerful extraoral suction and room-evacuation devices with eHEPA filters and outdoor exhaust, so air in the treatment room does not escape that room and does not circulate to any other rooms.
  • High-efficiency HEPA whole-house HVAC filters.
  • True HEPA area filter (front office).
  • True HEPA with PlasmaWave area filter (clinical wing).
  • Enhanced hands-free high-volume intra-oral evacuation equipment.
  • UVC/Ozone equipment sanitizer cabinet.
  • Enhanced room/surfaces disinfection materials and protocols, including a hypochlorous acid (HOCl) disinfection fogger, proven/documented to be an extraordinarily effective antiviral room/surface treatment system.
  • Lab-bench filtered-isolation cabinet (for contained in-room adjustments of dental prosthetics).
  • Enhanced PPE for all clinical staff at all times.
  • Sneeze-guards and partitions (front office).
  • Remote, touchfree payment protocols.
  • Screening all patients prior to and at all office visits (not simply for staff protection, but for population/community protection for all other patients as well).
  • Daily screening of all staff.
  • All shared-space public/communal items removed from public spaces (lobby, etc.) if they are difficult to disinfect.

On top of all the other strategies and protocols noted here, including the multiple building HEPA air filters and negative-pressure treatment rooms we have had in operation throughout this pandemic and today, we have also installed a UV air purification in our building’s HVAC system. Each of these systems are by themselves highly effective, and in combination, they provide an extremely robust virus mitigation strategy, killing airborn viruses in the air, filtering them out and even removing potentially contaminated treatment-room air. Call our team to learn more today!