Caring for Sensitive Teeth at Home

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Tooth sensitivity can be a serious pain . . . literally! But don’t fret: a throbbing tooth doesn’t have to be throbby forever. There are a few changes and things you can do at home to aid the relief of your sore, uncomfortable pearly whites.

You can treat mild sensitivity with a few products available from your grocery store or pharmacy. The most common product utilized to treat tooth sensitivity is tooth-sensitivity toothpaste. These toothpastes normally contain a mineral like potassium to block sensations of the nerves and decrease pain, but they normally take about a week of use before applying the full effect. Fluoride gels and specialty chewing gums can also be utilized to desensitize the pearly whites.

Tooth sensitivity can seem to be no more than a mild annoyance, but if it is left untreated, the consequences can be grave. Effects of tooth sensitivity can include gum infection and eventual tooth and bone loss. Without a healthy mouth, everyday activities such as speaking and swallowing become intricate and tricky, and as a result, the patient’s quality of life suffers.

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