Dealing With Dental Anxiety

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It is not uncommon for many adults and kids to feel fear, or anxiety about visiting the dentist. There are any number of reasons why people are nervous about visiting the dentist. Some people may be afraid of the pain, while others may be self-conscious about the condition of their teeth and mouths. And many people may be uncomfortable with the idea of someone else’s hands in their mouths. Dr. Douglas Doran and our staff at Rivereast Dental Group understand where you are coming from, and we’re committed to helping you feel comfortable when you come to see us.

First of all, let us know if you have any fears or concerns. The more we know about what concerns you, the more steps we can take to put you at ease. We are also happy to explain each step of your procedure to you so you’ll be up to speed with what is going on.

If necessary, Dr. Doran can prescribe a medication for you to help you relax, and we can take steps in the office to help reduce your anxiety such as giving you nitrous oxide. Just let us know when you make your appointment. If it helps, bring your phone and your earbuds or headphones and listen to some music, a podcast, or something to distract you during your procedure.

If your child is nervous about his trip to the dentist, talk with him about what will happen during the appointment. You can also read books and watch videos about going to the dentist before his appointment. If he has a favorite toy or stuffed animal you should encourage him to bring it along to make him feel more comfortable.

Dr. Doran at Rivereast Dental Group in Marlborough, Connecticut, understands that some people don’t feel comfortable going to the dentist. The doctor and his team will be happy to talk with you and answer any questions that you may have about your procedure, and will work with you to make your visit to the office as pleasant as possible. If it is time for your dental appointment and you’re feeling a little nervous, let’s talk. Reach out to us today at 860.295.9536.