Denture Placement to Replace Tooth Loss

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If you are interested in having stable oral health and a beautiful smile, our team is happy to help! Patients who developed tooth loss as a result of disease or trauma could have reduced oral function. By placing partial or full dentures, we can help you overcome tooth loss and achieve a beautiful smile once again.

You are welcome to speak with Dr. Douglas Doran about whether a partial or complete denture is more optimal for your smile. Whichever type of denture you choose, it can fill the empty tooth spaces and provide natural results that enhance your smile. However, there are some important differences, such as that partial dentures only replace an area of tooth loss and will attach to the natural teeth on either side for security. On the other hand, total tooth loss may require complete dentures, which suction to the roof of the mouth to become a part of your smile.

If you feel minor discomfort after receiving dentures for the first time, know that this should only last while the mouth is adjusting. Some patients develop a greater saliva flow for a few days until the dentures feel natural. Practicing with your denture appliance to speak and chew naturally can help your mouth adjust faster.

We invite you to contact Rivereast Dental Group at 860.295.9536 today to schedule a visit with our doctor if you are interested in discussing your options for tooth replacement and would like to learn more about our dentures in Marlborough, Connecticut.