Enamel Erosion: What Do You Know

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What do you know about enamel? Would you be surprised to hear that enamel is extremely hard? Furthermore, have you heard that enamel is actually able to rebuild itself? However, even though your enamel is very tough, there are many things that could damage or weaken it. If your enamel is damaged, the next layer of your tooth will be exposed. Fortunately, there are many different things you can do to identify the symptoms of weakened enamel.

For instance, are you aware that sugary and starchy foods might actually damage your enamel if you don’t clean your smile well enough? Of course, it’s also important that you follow a healthy, balanced diet if you’re hoping to protect your teeth and gums. Drinking water right after you eat will also rinse acids from your pearly whites. Unfortunately, enamel can also weaken by medical issues and other issues you can’t prevent. Some medications might also harm your teeth and your gums.

If your smile is yellowing, your dentin might be exposed. Similarly, if your pearly whites seem transparent, your enamel might be thin. Rounded teeth may also indicate this issue. Lastly, please be aware that teeth grinding could actually cause cracks in your teeth.

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