Basic Information on the American Dental Association

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If you are looking for basic information about the American Dental Association, then we have a treat for you! Our staff here at Rivereast Dental Group in Marlborough, Connecticut, is here talk to you about the ADA because of the success in their dental resources for over a hundred years!

In 1859, the ADA was established and is the nation’s largest dental association. Since the beginning, the ADA has strived to advance the dental profession medically across the globe. Now, there is over a hundred thousand dentists part of this association reaching across America.

The ADA also began a program to help consumers choose healthy products through the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance Program. This program provides more than 300 consumer dental products with a seal of acceptance, so you know if the product is safe and effective for your family’s needs.

Do you feel it’s time for a dental checkup? Or perhaps you would like to learn more about the ADA, or the Seal of Acceptance program? If so, please call us today at 860.295.9536 to set up an appointment with Dr. Douglas Doran. Our gentle and professional staff stands ready to help in any way we can and address any of your questions or needs.