Composite Dental Fillings for Cavities

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Do you have a visible cavity that has become part of your smile and can be seen every time you open your mouth? Our dentist may recommend a composite dental filling to improve the cosmetic appearance of your smile and prevent the tooth decay from damaging the tooth to the point of tooth loss. Many patients find tooth-colored dental fillings to be very effective on cavities because they can match your natural tooth color.

The mixture of powdered glass and acrylic resin that makes up the dental filling material enables our dentist to custom shade the color of your filling to appear very natural in your tooth. If you are considering receiving composite dental fillings, keep in mind that the durability of the material may not be as strong as other filling materials, which is why composite fillings usually are used on smaller cavities on the front teeth that aren’t put under pressure when you bite and chew your food. It may take some time to place composite fillings in comparison to other filling procedures since we place the fillings layer at a time and cure each one with a special light.

Finally, we polish the filling to make it stain resistant, but you should avoid certain food and beverages that can stain the tooth enamel. Daily dental habits such as brushing and flossing can help maintain the appearance of your dental fillings, and you should visit the dentist regularly to ensure your fillings are always in good shape.

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