Superior Smiles Include Dental Bonding

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Are you ready to enhance your smile with a highly effective cosmetic dentistry treatment designed to not only improve the safety and protection of teeth but also conceal previous damage or even adjust the look and shape of a tooth? If so, consider the benefits that a dental bonding treatment can provide. Dental bonds are durable materials placed directly on the surfaces of teeth for an improved look.

Dental bonding treatments are extremely impressive because they can not only improve the look of a tooth, but they can add an additional layer of durability and restoration. Even if you have chipped or cracked teeth or teeth that are extremely discolored, dental bonds can be used. Dental bonding enhancements can be used to help correct issues with the shape and spacing that you may require. In some situations, gums may have receded and exposed a portion of a tooth’s root.  Dental bonds can be used to help cover up the exposed area from further damage. In situations where a cavity is needed, composite resin bonds can be used as cosmetic enhancements for your smile.

There has never been a better time to receive dental bonding enhancements in Marlborough, Connecticut. You are welcome to schedule an appointment at Rivereast Dental Group by calling us at 860.295.9536. Dr. Douglas Doran looks forward to enhancing your smile with dental bonding enhancements.